Kahrmuehle history from 1387 until today

The Kahrmuehle is first mentioned in 1387 in the tax book of the "Weihersberger Castle" as an ironhammer.
Later it was used as glass polishing, milling and grinding mill.

1688, Hans Michael Aichamueller the estate of his mother (Reinwein). Since that time, the mill in the possession of the family Eichermueller, which has rebuilt after the last major renovation of the mill into a jewel of the region, the "Country Inn Kahrmuehle".


1387   Wolfart Erelbeck
1420   Fritz and Dorothea Loeneisen
1489   Michael Mengersreuth
1492 u. 1497  
  Michael Mengersreuth
1551   Balthasar Hoesl
1630   Wolf Meyrl or Meygl, Mueller
1651   Jacob Hösl
1662   Thomas Steiner, miller
1663   Johann Reichwein, owner
1670   Peter Ros..., miller
1681   Dietrich Naeber, miller
1683   Reinwein (heritage)
1688   Hans Michael Aichamueller married with Maria Magdalena
1690   Ulrich Reger, Karmueller
1695   Magdalena, widow of Johann Michael Aichamueller
1696   Hans Naber, Mueller form Troschelhammer, 2. husband of Magdalena
1714   Magdalena, widow of Hans Michael Aichamueller and widow of Hans Naber
1714   Johann Aichamueller, miller (master), married with Anna Maria Geislaehner from Hohenburg
1744   Maria Eichamueller, widow of Johann
1760   Florian Eichamueller, miller (master), married with Anna Maria Engelbrecht from Unterwappenoest
1802   Friedrich Eichermueller, married with Johanna Graser aus Pressath
1807   Johanna, widow of Friedrich Eichermueller, starting 1808 her 2. husband Adam Plesner, butcher from Pressath
1835   Georg Eichermueller, miller (master), married with Barbara Heining from Grub
1882   Barbara, widow of Georg Eichermueller
1887   Sebastian Eichermueller, married with Anna Maria Heindl from Drahthammer, later married with
Crescencia Friedl from Erbendorf
1921   Josef Eichermueller, married with Klothilde Vogel from Lamplmuehl
1962   Rudolf Eichermueller, married with Anna Diepold from Pressath
seit 1998   Josef Eichermueller and Radka, née Heltová